Starting in Wholesale Dropshipping? – Beware of Fraud & Do Your Research!

There are many ways to make a good living through wholesale dropshipping on the internet. You can sell items on eBay or Amazon for instance, on your own website, by advertising in print locally, through a turnkey website from specialized companies, or through a combination of some or all of the possibilities. Each and every way requires its own approach but what they all have in common is that this business is not a get rich quick scheme and you must really give it your best.

The wholesale dropshipping has quite a buzz on the internet and that is understandable since it is a very democratic way of making money. With a couple of hundred dollars starting capital you can set up this business adventure and after that, it is all about determination, dedication, and persistence. Of course, you have people who spend a lot of money on advertising after they started up, but that is not necessarily called for to make it rich.

As a business that does not really demand a starting investment, it is also a very simple business: you advertise (wherever) one or more products you yourself picked from a wholesale dropshipping company. You do not need to buy these products nor need to keep an inventory. As soon as a customer buys an item, you place the order with your company that delivers the goods on the doorstep of the customer. You pay the company with the money the customer paid you and the difference between the wholesale price and the selling price is your profit.

Since this is a simple business, why are we not all selling each other goods this way? Everybody makes a profit so everybody is happy. This is where the dedication, persistence, and determination come in. Not everybody has gotten what it takes. Plus, there are low-lives out there trying to scam you in your business by posing as a wholesale company while in fact, they are either a middleman or even worse: just plain thieves. It is the same old story; if there is money to be made, the scammers are highly active.

There are numerous directories on the internet where you find thousands of wholesale companies. You would not believe how many of them are out there. So how do you know you partner with a reliable firm? How do you know which directories are worth their money and not trying to scam you as well? By doing some research on the internet, checking every website you may be interested in through Google by adding ‘review’ at their website’s name and see what other users have to say.

You quickly see some of the directories pop up as winners all the time. SaleHoo is one of them not in the last place because of all the features a membership comes with. Their strongest point is perhaps the fact that the over 8,000 companies are all verified by them and regularly reviewed by the users of the directory, leaving feedback after they have done business with one of the companies. That is one way to keep them sharp!

If you decide to endeavor in the world of wholesale dropshipping all you have to do is using your common sense and keeping your eyes open. Compare various possibilities and pick out the one that is best for you and your situation. There is a world of information on each way of dropshipping as well as on the companies that specialize in that. Do your research and if things look too good to be true… they usually are!